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Repeat after me; I deserve to be rich; I deserve to be rich; I deserve to be very rich.

Of course you do; what makes you think otherwise?

It’s fascinating how most people talk themselves out of money for unobvious reasons. I was one of these people who had no desire to earn big money.

Friends: what do you think of this beautiful Lamborghini Me: not interested Friends: how about that beautiful beach house? Me: nope Friends: look at that gorgeous Armani suit Me: why should I buy that?

Oh god, what was wrong with me? Now I regret every no I said, and I wish I could go back in time and replace it with a definite YES! Why not!

I recently met a talented young man from Malaysia called “Amir.” He graduated from one of the best colleges in the united states with a master’s degree in computer science.

His brother is a good friend of mine, a pretty successful cardiologist, and he asked me to sit with his brother and talk about money problems.

The situation with Amir is that he was broke, as broke as it could get.

He wasn’t poor; his family could provide, but he was broke; he was getting into his 35 and couldn’t generate enough income to sustain himself. You can see why it’s a concerning problem.

He wasn’t embarrassed that I had to pay for everything he ordered.

The coffee, the cake, and dinner. It felt like it was okay if someone else paid the bill.

That was not a problem for me; I could invite him all day long; however, I was astonished how someone with that extreme talent could be extremely broke?

Me: how is it possible for a talented guy like you to be broke? Him: what’s wrong with being broke? Me: everything is wrong with being broke

Him: what do you mean by everything is wrong with being broke? Everyone is broke. Do you think everyone is wrong, and you are right?

Me: you put over ten years of your soul into education, and your family has invested everything they had to send you to one of the best colleges in the U.S.

You sit here telling me as if there is no problem with being broke?

Don’t you find it unfair to yourself and your family to put yourself in that position? While you can get yourself easily out of this situation.

Him: can we change the topic? Otherwise, I will have to leave. Me: please calm down, and let’s talk some common sense here.

I’m not trying to show disrespect, and if you feel I did, then I’m sorry; I only think that you are extremely talented, and you deserve the best life you can achieve with that talent and skills.

Him: but what do I need all that money for? I love to code and create; I want to make apps; if money comes, it comes. If it doesn’t, then no big deal. Who said I want to buy a yacht!

Me: oh, here we go again. Me: forget about the cars, the yacht, and the jet. But don’t you want to enjoy life to its fullest? What kind of programmer creates helpful and meaningful programs that improve people’s lives without experiencing the full spectrum of life?

Him: Hmmmm Me: don’t you think that requires money?

Don’t you think you need to eat the best healthy food and keep your brain active, dress in the best clothes so clients can take you seriously, and buy the best equipment to create better apps? Don’t you need more money to experiment with new projects?

Him: Yeah, I will think about it. Me: Now that’s a better attitude!

Nowadays, being rich is an obligation, not a choice. It’s a matter of survival.

I’m not asking you to be wealthy or crazy rich.

I’m asking you to kick yourself in the butt and motivate yourself to reach the best life you can achieve. If you are happy with where you are, that’s great! But if you are struggling, then it’s time to change.

Getting out of being broke or financially stressed isn’t a matter of working harder, smarter, or gaining the best skills on this planet.

The smartest and most intelligent people rarely make it into the rich club, not because they lack talent, but because they look down on money and consider it not worthy or procrastinate to make more of it.

Yet every day, they struggle to send their children to the best schools or put the best food on the table or take their partners on a visit to the most beautiful places around the globe.

I can teach you how to start a business, how to create products, how to market and sell, how to solve problems, and how to make money.

But if you don’t have the lust and desire for money, you won’t make it.

Life is beautiful; life is enormous; it feels good to dress the best, eat the best and live in the most gorgeous and satisfying places around the globe.

You deserve to be rich; you deserve to be the best; never forget that!

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