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I’m fascinated by the amount of negativity and lack of self-confidence about money on the internet.

Today to those who protest against the idea of getting financially free, I’m going to strike you hard, not because your broken mindset annoys me, but because I care about spreading the ideas of success and positive thinking.

With the correct facts and knowledge, we might agree about changing your attitude toward money and perhaps we can become friends.

First, let me give you a piece of friendly advice; If you can’t achieve financial independence and freedom yourself, you shouldn’t assume others can’t do it as well.

This attitude shows a lack of perspective, a shallow knowledge about money, and ignorance.

You also shouldn’t act as the messenger of poverty and negativity, keep your ideas to yourself, and let others find their opportunities in life. It’s none of your business to judge or limit others’ futures.

I often see people commenting that the financially independent people only make up 0.1% of the population; I don’t know where they came with these numbers.

The ratio of financially independent people in the U.S. isn’t 0.1%; 24% to 28% of adults are financially independent. That’s a fact; you can Google it yourself.

Financial independence doesn’t automatically put you in the wealthy quintile; it puts you in a position where you can mostly exit the mouse race and enjoy a life of partial freedom away from the financial stress.

Suppose 28% of the young adults have already reached financial independence. In that case, the empirical evidence shows that the problem isn’t with the concept of financial freedom but with your poor mindset and approach to money.

The top 3 reasons most people won’t achieve financial freedom

1. They have a negative mindset about money.

The first reason for not achieving financial freedom is a lack of confidence and non-stopping doubt about the idea of being financially free.

When you reject the idea of financial independence, you have already primed your mind for financial failure; what’s a sweet favor to do yourself!

People with money knowledge and confidence in transforming their life don’t see financial independence as an obstacle but as a goal or a challenge they can achieve with the right strategy and steps.

It might take a little longer to get there; it might be a little harder for your situation.

If I share my actual stories about the challenges and difficulties I had to go through because of having an undesirable nationality, passport, and race, you would feel awful about your mindset.

Suppose I tell you the stories of how my family lost millions of dollars worth of assets during the Syrian civil war and stood back on our feet, my dear. In that case, you will no longer look at yourself in the mirror with a sense of pride or accomplishment.

If you live in the U.S., Canada, Australia, or developed countries, you have much more opportunities than the rest of us in the other half of the world.

Your government prints money, for god’s sake, and distributes it for free; you have the best infrastructure, passports, and tools to build the maximum wealth.

If you don’t believe me, get out of your system and comfort zone and dare to live and work as a resident in other developing or underdeveloped countries to discover how lucky your genes are.

Stop whining; there isn’t anything special about your situation; end the drama and start building, or go back to your cage.

2. They follow the herd mentality.

A sheep doesn’t have the mindset of a tiger nor dare to hunt like a puma; all a sheep can do is eat grass, poop, then baa, maa, meh all day, and at the end of the year, they get slaughtered for their meat.

You only need a shepherd with a stick and a dog to manage them. Most people are no different; media and mass marketing bullshit control their mindset and decisions.

They are slaves to their deconstructive habits and have no control over their future; even if they think they do, that’s only an illusion.

They lack the skills to think or make a choice independently; they rely on groups for support and never develop the skills to survive on their own like a cheetah.

To become financially independent and prosperous, you must be the tiger, not the sheep, my friend.

Isolate yourself from most of the population; if most people get average results, what makes you sure you will get a different result if you follow the same rules, education, habits, and mindset?

Wishing to become financially independent by following the public is like expecting to sell an average baa sheep for a million dollars.

3. They don’t have the stamina to be financially independent.

I have over 100,000 students online; I have worked with tons of business clients around the globe.

Do you know what all of them share in common? They all want to be rich!

They get pumped up to make a lot of money and enjoy the perfect life. They plan everything for the ideal and most productive system, stick to it for a couple of weeks, then FRAAAP (that was the sound of a big fart, in case I left you wondering).

To be financially independent, you need extreme focus and self-discipline for at least three to five years.

You won’t get there if you don’t have the discipline and mental habits to achieve financial freedom. It will not happen to you, no matter how much you manifest for wealth.

You won’t smell money if you are constantly distracted by shiny objects, always hiding in your tiny comfort zone, and a slave to useless habits.

If your brain is infected with the virus of poverty and becomes unable to achieve success, that’s your problem.

Financial stress was a choice you took. You were lazy; you stayed broke; if you are a loser, don’t add the rest of us to the list to feel better about your lack of confidence.

I’m not promising you heavens or selling you the idea of getting rich easy; I have no reason to mislead you; I don’t need you to buy any of my s**t.

I share my stories; if you like them, adopt them; if you don’t, then ignore them; I’m not shoving them into your mouth and forcing you to be financially independent; what do I care if you get rich or you stay broke on the street?

I wake up every day to do my best and push people forward. It takes a lot of effort and energy to motivate people and transform their mindset, and I don’t need your negativity to ruin things over, be on my side or get out. But keep your dirt out of my house — end of the story.

Please share this article with someone who needs it if you find it valuable.

I would also love to hear about your experience with negative people about money. I value your insights!

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