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I always laugh when I hear a guru or a manager brag about their production systems and how to achieve more efficiently.

I feel petty toward them and how they are stuck in the illusion of efficiency.

Their mind is limited to thinking like an ant, a bee, or maybe a simplified version of an idiot robot.

However, how they create these systems isn't humanly possible for an extended period; humans are more creative creatures and shouldn't follow the rules of machines and robots.

We don't have the same capacity to process information or a simple mind to focus on a specific and small task for an extended period.

The idea of doing more in an efficient time applies to machines or mass production factories.

I saw that with my naked eyes in a mega factory in a developing country; they turned people into soulless machines, formed in a long and straight production line, repeatedly adding a single part to a hair dryer.

They must follow that process because they must sell that hair dryer in a developed country for $10 less than a competitor brand.

That's not how creative creatures should act, behave, or compete.

Today, my dear friends, I will teach you how to overpass highly productive and workaholic people and send their confidence about productivity straight down to the deepest level of the Pacific ocean.

Let me start with a question:

How to make people fall in love with you?

Hm, it's a vague question with no point; why would you make people fall in love with you? But isn't it the same as how to paint more pictures or get more followers?

What is the point of painting more, writing more, or getting more followers?

To get to productivity, you need a system, but does that system deliver effective outcomes for your situation's bottom line?

Now, let me reframe the question:

What is the most effective and fastest approach to making someone fall in love with you? Pause for a second, and think about it.

When I reframed my question about EFFECTIVENESS and SPEED, your mind processes things differently.

First, you wonder who that person is, why would I want them to fall in love with me, and what are the things they love or the attributes they are attracted to and find desirable.

The clearer the answer I get to these questions, the faster I can increase the probability of them falling in love with me in the shortest period.

If you follow productivity advice and show up with a smiley face and a bouquet in your hands at a specific time daily or send them heart emojis in batches every 10 seconds, you might drive them crazy; you were productive but ineffective.

Effectiveness doesn't require a system, it requires strategy, and those are two different mindsets; systems are slaves of strategy, not the other way around.

Think about the story of Google vs. Yahoo; Yahoo used the productivity method of listing as many websites as possible, but it wasn't easy on the user; Google designed an intelligent algorithm to deliver the best results in the shortest period.

Google took a shortcut, while Yahoo did more of the same thing efficiently but not effectively.

Google is the world's #1 search engine today, while Yahoo has become a joke.

When you blog, create art, write, produce music or do whatever to make money, you don't become effective by making more of your product.

You become effective when you do market research, create the right product, and promote with the right tools and strategies to the right customer.

To make money in blogging, create articles around a profitable niche, monetize content early through affiliate marketing, and build backlinks.

To lose weight fast, eliminate carbs and do intermittent fasting.

To write an eye-grabbing poem, research top-selling poems and writers and emulate their approach, then promote it to the same audience.

Always keep the end goal in mind. Find the critical two or three things to achieve results, then design productive systems to get you there, not the other way around.

It's a waste of time, effort, and energy to be hyper-productive as a bee or an ant but never consider the amount of energy and willpower you have in a single day and the results of the outcome at the end of the month.

Most people don't see results because they feel proud about their process; if they built an online store, hired a few staff, and registered a business, they accomplished the steps of being an entrepreneur.

My friend, the bottom line of almost everything you create is how much it gets you back regarding impact, influence, or money.

Everything else is considered practice or a hobby, but it doesn't give you the results you are hoping to achieve when you write the amount of your income while filing for taxes.

The people who achieve results are the ones who understand that the fastest way to prosperity isn't the process but the end goal.

Know what people want, give it to them immediately and understand what they like to hear, tell it to them repeatedly, know what they are addicted to buying, and then sell them more of it.

I joined a swimming pool six months ago; I was a below-average swimmer; four and a half months later, I swam 10,000 meters/6.2 miles in 5 hours and 38 minutes.

Not because I followed videos on YouTube or randomly swam in a swimming pool for longer hours. I just looked for the most critical elements to swim longer, and the drills to get there and ignored everything else.

I apply the same concept to money, fitness, diet, relationships, time, and possibly everything in life.

I don't have productivity hacks or habits; the only thing I have is this:

Complete and persistent focus on effectiveness, get results as fast as possible and ignore the rest.

Now that I told you my side of the story, it's your turn to kick some hyper-productive people's butts.

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