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Money doesn’t buy you happiness.

Money doesn’t matter.

Money doesn’t impress me.

Do you hear that a lot?

A bunch of nonsense memes broke people’s post on social media feed to justify their miserable situation and get likes from more broke people.

Yes! Money is a piece of paper or a digit on your screen.

Money can’t make you happy. It can’t lift your lips and make you smile.

How on earth a piece of paper is supposed to do that?

Let’s be clear, you don’t need money to be happy!

You can be happy if you have the power and freedom to achieve the things that can make you feel fulfilled.

Money is just the fastest and most effective vehicle to get you there while you are living in an economy that requires you to pay for every little thing you want to get.

It’s a force and superpower that can move things and people around and organize them or make them behave in a way that makes your life simpler, easier, more fulfilling, and, of course, happier.

People with little to no money have always been throughout history negative in relation to money. Don’t be one of them!

They think that money has some sort of hocus pocus evil power that corrupts societies, money my friend, doesn’t corrupt people. It only brings their inner intentions to the surface.

Some of those broke people believe they are intellectually or spiritually above money and it’s a piece of rubbish that isn’t worth one’s attention.

The problem with this mindset is that it creates dual personalities individuals.

On the one hand, people lie to themselves to believe that money isn’t worthless and unnecessary to achieve happiness in life.

Meanwhile, their eyes stuck to their phone screen, lusting for all the beautiful and costly stuff that rich people have.

What annoys you the most is that sometimes you listen to someone for an hour speaking about how they want to help others, start an innovative small business, or achieve great things in life, which leaves you speechless and inspired.

However, when you ask them how much money they need to achieve their dream. They mess things up and destroy the beautiful moment when they say that money isn’t important to achieving their goal.

Oh god, here we go again! Another wannabe, dreamy boy who doesn’t understand how things work in real life.

To achieve whatever you want to achieve, you need money. You need a lot, a lot more than what you think.

You don’t have to be as rich as Elon Musk or Bill Gates, but you will need to be rich enough to buy your way into getting what you want, or the things you think you deserve, and that’s in return will get you to happiness.

How to train your mind for money

1. Believe That Money Is Crucial

Like it or not, money is the core pillar of any society.

Normal people don’t shop at the mall and then pay with hugs, kisses, and kindness. Which I wish was possible. They pay with money.

The more money they have, the more things they can buy and enjoy!

Get rid of all the negative beliefs and nonsense ideas about how money is a bad or unnecessary thing.

Money is the single most important object for dealing with almost everything.

Fake friends lie for money, greedy couples divorce for money, colonial countries go to war for money, I can go forever…

2. There Is Nothing Unethical About Making More Money

To make a lot of money, you don’t have to steal, lie, or scam others.

These are the attributes of ethically bankrupted people who ended up being rich. That is not what money is about.

There are plenty of highly ethical people who made a fortune in business or in investing and then used that money to lift others from poverty and improve society.

Don’t mix money with the people who have the money, money is neither good nor bad.

It’s like religion, there is Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, and then there are bad Christians, Muslims, and Jews.

If these bad people misbehave, they might make their religion look bad, but their behavior mostly has nothing to do with their religion.

It is a problem with their personality; they are people with bad intentions who ended up being in a religion.

3. Realize That Money Isn’t Personal

Money doesn’t care about anyone. It has no feelings or intentions; it doesn’t like one person over the other, it’s only a piece of paper.

The people who understand how money works and speak the language of money are the people who can earn or make the most.

In today’s modern society, to make money, you neither have to be the child of the nation’s president nor be born in a specific country.

Yes, some environments will give you more advantages and opportunities to build more wealth, but as I traveled across the world, I have seen that financially intelligent people can make money whatever the terrible circumstance is.

You also got the internet, which has opened a lot whole more possibilities for many people in less economically developed countries around the globe.

So, stop with the excuses. There is no reason you can’t make more money, regardless of what your circumstances are.

4. Get Rid of the “Employee” Mindset

Employees work for money, and they get paid for the number of hours or the amount of effort they put into work.

There is nothing wrong with that if you want to live a limited life with a limited income.

If you like to live and enjoy a wider spectrum of life, then you need to skyrocket your income, and to do that, think like an investor or a business owner.

This group of financially smart people looks for methods and ways to increase their money through problem-solving and investment, be it in the stock market or real estate.

Search for methods to generate more money, be it a side hustle or a small but smart investments opportunities.

5. Study How Wealthy People Make Money

The fastest way to train your brain to make more money is to simplify money and break it down for yourself.

People with financial success think of money as a science rather than a spark of luck.

Take the time to read and research through biographies of how rich individuals came to wealth.

The more you understand how other people make money, the more you will grasp the idea of making more money.

Over time, the concept of making money will become more familiar, and you will notice different methods and patterns for generating wealth, and that will lead you to the path to making more money.

6. Expand Your Life

Life is beautiful! There are plenty of wonderful places to discover, tasty food to try, and meaningful people to connect with.

Life also offers a premium quality standard for the people who want to enjoy it.

Learn to enjoy buying great quality stuff, make it a habit to hang out in the most prestigious places, be generous with yourself and the people you love, and learn to give and help.

There is nothing wrong with making the most money and enjoying your life to its maximum while making everyone around you happier.

Yes! Money is a piece of paper. It isn’t the most important thing in life; you don’t have to be a slave for it or fall in love with it, just make more of it and spend it with the people and on things that bring you more health, freedom, and happiness.

No drama required!

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