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Being broke sucks! It is not only embarrassing to be broke, but it’s also discouraging to be out of money.

It’s not because of the frustration of not buying the things you desire or traveling to the places you dream about. That’s manageable with some sort of deep-breath techniques!

It’s that being broke destroys one’s self-confidence and makes them give up on the idea of achieving their greatest potential. It limits them from having the best life they deserve.

The lack of money in life is like the lack of oxygen. Once it’s scarce, it becomes harder to live and survive.

Being broke is a disease that once gets into your mind, spreads all over your thoughts, and destroys your hopes and dreams.

The good news is that, unlike poverty, being broke is treatable with little effort if you have the right attitude and focus.

How to Be Broke

To be broke is pretty easy! Spend all your cash on things that don’t make you money in return.

That’s why you see many broke people look prestigious on the surface, but you can’t dig a penny out of their shallow pockets.

We don’t have to be extremely smart to figure out that the less we spend on things that don’t make us money, the less possible it is to become broke.

The other reason for being broke is just being lazy!

The more we focus and work on activities that make us cash, the faster we can dig ourselves out of being broke.

I know that might sound simple, but most people do the opposite.

Even if they know all of that stuff, they still think it’s not possible for them because they have a special situation as

- I’m so broke and I have no money to begin with

- I don’t know how to make money

- I can’t control myself with buying shiny stuff

- I don’t know what investments I should make

I, I, I,…

I can understand and sympathize with them, but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with them.

The more they think like that, the more broke they become.

Not being broke isn’t a matter of finding an answer and coming up with a solution to all of your concerns and questions. You will never dig yourself out of being broke like that.

It’s a matter of adapting the right mindset and attitude. Once you have clarity, you can figure things out one step at a time.

The first step to not being broke is getting rid of the mentality of being broke.

You need to become sick of being broke and admit that it’s not fun to play with your empty pocket anymore.

Stop saying words that make you sound like a broke person, behave in a way that shows you are broke, or self-talk yourself into things that make your mind believes you are broke.

Even if you are broke right now, it’s only the current version of you that is out of cash, not the future version of you.

If you don’t get that mindset nailed, then it doesn’t matter how much you hustle, you will not make a lot of money, and even if you make it, you have programmed your mind to spend it all and go back to being broke.

Your first step is to sit down with yourself over a cup of coffee and talk some clarity into your mind. Once clarity and confidence are there, the rest is easier than you think.

The Art of Hustling, How Not to Be Broke

Money in your bank account feels good. You can point your finger at the things you want and voilà it’s yours.

Money gives you the power to help others and feel good about yourself. It raises your self-esteem and confidence. The bottom line is having money in your pocket feels good.

To make money without money, you need to master the art of hustling, hustling is when you focus your time and effort on the things that get you instant financial results and nothing else.

Selling lemonade in front of your house is hustling, cleaning someone’s car for money is hustling, selling other people’s stuff, and taking a commission is hustling.

Spending all day behind your screen posting on social media or connecting with everyone on LinkedIn without having a solution to sell to them isn’t hustling, it’s networking.

When you hustle, you only focus on one thing: make money and get yourself out of being broke as fast as possible.

This means finding a part-time job, doing food delivery, flipping products on eBay and Facebook marketplace, or being a freelancer on Fiverr.

Being broke isn’t about the lack of knowledge or skills, you can learn how to earn money or any skill you need for free on YouTube and Skillshare.

There is no lack of jobs as well, but if you feel you deserve to work for certain jobs but not the others, then that entitlement is the primary cause of being broke.

There is also no lack of opportunities.

There is always a demand in the marketplace for all sorts of stuff, and if you can find buyers on Craigslist or anywhere else, and then sell them the things they want, then you will make money.

You can shoot engaging content for YouTube, write interesting content on Medium, then refer viewers to products and services.

You not only earn advertising revenue but also make a commission on every sale you make.

If you don’t like to sell, then teach on Skillshares and Udemy.

The possibilities for making money are endless, especially online.

It doesn’t matter whether you do it online or offline, it’s having the mindset to look for every possibility that gets you cash as soon as possible that matters the most.

Remind yourself that the moment you get comfortable being broke and feel it’s okay to use other people's money for food and stuff is the moment you take things for granted.

This will make you a super procrastinator with money and once you procrastinate; you are finished!

However, if you kick yourself in the butt and drag yourself into the habit of making money, you will train your mind to hunt for every opportunity that makes you cash and gets you out of being broke.

You only have to get yourself started, and your mind will take care of the rest.

Another thing is that you don’t have to hustle 16 hours a day to make the money you need.

I don’t know where this myth comes from, that the more hours you put into work, the more money you make.

If you head to Craigslist and identify a list of potential buyers and sellers for a vehicle, then connect both sides and help them make a sale, then you can earn a commission, regardless of how many hours you put in.

Heck, if you can spare a few bucks, you can hire someone on Fiverr to do that sort of work for you.

Real estate agents, insurance agents, automobile agents, retail stores, online deals websites, and affiliate marketers do that sort of stuff all the time and they make a good fortune out of selling other people’s stuff and taking a cut.

What you have to learn is how to be effective and productive in the shortest period, not how to spend more time on stuff that doesn’t drive any financial results.

Clarify your mindset, focus on making money, and have a positive attitude, and you can get yourself out of being broke for the rest of your life.

If you want to learn more about building a profitable business or optimizing your small business for maximum profitability, I got this FREE course for you. Check it out >> How to Build a Profitable Small Business Online Course.

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