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What I hate the most about all the “I will teach you how to get rich” gurus is that they waste my time with a few immature tactics that will make me financially average.

To become rich is not to save 5% here and $3 there. Rich people don’t think or behave like that!

This mentality belongs to the broke people working hard to squeeze a few dollars here and there, ending up more financially stressed at the end of the month.

To be rich, adopt the mindset of the rich; rich people spend and expand. They don’t cut and shrink.

The more money they spend, the more they have to make and stay in that top-level zone.

Saving a few dollars here and there gets you into scarcity mode.

Instead of hunting for more opportunities to make money, you sharpen your focus for deals that save money.

The problem with that mindset is that it gets you comfortable earning a specific amount of money and then saving a tiny portion of it in your bank account.

It makes you believe that the more you save, the more you make. This idea is nonsense.

If you make $4,000 a month and save 10%, you will end up with an extra $400 in your bank account at the end of the month.

Try to do the math yourself. Do you believe a little extra money in the bank will make you rich?

That $400 is only half the price of a red wine bottle a rich person will spend for a dinner at a fancy restaurant.

I’m extremely grateful to be in a place where many rich friends and family members surround me.

They split into two major groups regardless of how much money they have.

The first group hates to pay an extra dollar for a premium coffee.

They believe they only have to pay for commodities, not pay a little extra for a well-served experience.

They can’t tell the difference between organic eggs and regular eggs nor care about it.

The other group loves to enjoy a beautiful coffee experience at the best restaurants and coffees; they eat healthily and shop for the best products.

They spend to enjoy and invest in their happiness, health, and freedom.

Both groups are comfortable financially, but the second group always looks for more opportunities to make more money and advance. In contrast, the first group is pretty okay where they are.

Many people mistake the concept of spending money with wasting it.

I’m not asking you to blow your money and spend way beyond your budget.

Stop worrying about finding opportunities to save an extra dollar and adopt the habit of forcing your mind to make more money.

I understand if you are financially stressed and can’t afford to buy the best, that’s fine. No biggie!

But instead of giving up on spending more on quality stuff and going back to the scarcity mindset, try to adapt to a different mindset that gets you closer to adding more cash to your bank account.

Allocate some of your monthly budgets to buying quality stuff while you save on others; over time, teach your mind to increase your income and raise the overall quality of your lifestyle.

Making more money is just like working out your body; you start with little strength and muscle mass, and the more you work out, the more you force your brain to create more muscle cells to meet your new physical challenges.

The human brain is programmed to be lazy and settle for average; it compares itself to the people surrounding it to feel secure and satisfied.

To become rich, you must challenge your mind to compare itself to people with a lot of money, then force it to search for every way to expand your wealth and reach that level.

How to Transform Your Mindset

Starting from today, do these exercises, and you will notice a shift in your mindset toward money.

1. Always tell yourself that you deserve the best; rich people aren’t better than you; if they can have it, you can have it too.

2. Visit luxury brands, be it fashion, automobile, or whatever you desire, don’t look at the product’s price tag; enjoy its quality and how it feels to own that product.

3. Whenever you see an expensive product, don’t freak out or call it too expensive, don’t negotiate with every seller, and try to squeeze every penny out of every small deal; if you can afford it, buy it. If you can’t, then don’t!

Add it to your wishlist and work harder to make that money and buy it.

4. Plan to buy something five times more expensive than your current purchasing power; it can be as simple as a Chanel shoe or a pair of Gucci pants, then force your brain to find methods to earn more money and buy that product.

5. Instead of searching at deal websites for the cheapest offers, consider looking for the best product you can afford, and always remind yourself that you can always make more money.

When you think like the rich, you will treat yourself like the rich.

You will have an abundant mindset and feel more confident when you talk with the rich.

This confidence will grow your courage and expand your opportunities to make deals with the rich that one day might get you to become rich.

Remember that to make more cash you got to be mentally comfortable spending it, otherwise, it controls you and you become a slave to it.

Train your mind to make more money, and you shall never run out of it.

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