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I find it fascinating when the wrong people try to sell the wrong product to the wrong customer using the wrong approach and then wonder why no one is buying.

Don’t you find that interesting?

The beauty of business, specifically sales, is that it depends highly on logic and simple common sense.

If you know how to sell, the result will show proudly in your sales dashboard, and if you don’t, it will be there shamefully at the end of the month.

To get more sales is not a matter of reading hundreds of sales and marketing books, attending tens of business seminars, building complicated funnels, or following a specific sales process.

To sell more means, putting a few essential things together and orchestrating them with a sense of harmony, so more customers pull out their wallets and pay for your product or service.

Most businesses focus only on a single aspect of selling; they hire the best salespeople and expect tons of sales at the end of the week or hire marketing agencies to design the perfect sales process and systems and then expect a 90% conversion rate.

Sale is a dynamic process; it includes your business, the customer, and a lot of harmony in between. You only control 50% or less of the outcome, while the customer controls the rest. Your goal is to orchestrate five vital elements with mastery to get the customer closer to your rope end.

The Five “Vital Rights” to Increasing Sales:

1. The Right Salesperson

I hate to break it to you, but not every human can sell or has the character to sell particular types of products.

Some people are better than others at selling; They have smoother personalities to connect with others quickly and gain their trust.

They have the natural tendency to get into small conversations and develop friendships with others.

They are confident, engaging, self-organized, and motivated.

They take the time to understand the product and are interested in educating people about the benefit of different solutions to solving problems.

We call that type of human “superstar salespeople”.

Do whatever it takes to hunt them, and attract them to offers they can’t refuse to sell your solutions.

With managing a team of superstars, do the following:

  • Provide clear sales objectives and responsibilities

  • Value, praise, and appreciate their effort

  • Be generous with personal gifts and bonuses

  • Constantly raise the bar and challenge their abilities

Don’t waste your money, time, energy, and effort on average salespeople; they don’t have the superstar sales mentality or stamina to generate more income for themselves and your business.

2. The Right Tools

You are wrong if you only think that hiring the right salespeople will make you more sales.

That’s only 20% of the puzzle; the second 20% is to provide your sales team with the right tools and materials.

Even when a superstar salesperson has the astonishing power to make things up on the spot to close a sale, they still need access to product knowledge, catalogs, CRM systems, and marketing materials.

Those materials will make it easier for your sales team to follow up with a customer, explain the benefit of your solution, and make it clearer for the customer to decide.

Selling online is no different; Invest in the presentation of your website, take stunning photography, write clear and mouth-watering product descriptions, and provide supporting materials and information.

3. The Right Product

Eight out of ten small businesses create products with little to no market research and then overcast to make million in sales. You can see how nonsense this is.

Mega brands spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours on market research and finding what customers want.

A small business should be no different; Although you have no big pocket for in-depth market research, at least sell a product people need or want.

Spend some effort looking into online marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, Yelp, and others and finding what customers buy.

Read through the reviews and learn what is working in the marketplace and what isn’t. Head to YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, and TikTok and find the latest and most interesting trends and experiences customers enjoy paying money for.

Please, don’t come up with a product idea from nowhere and expect a sales superstar or the proper process to make you tons of sales.

4. The Right Customer

Although it’s beautiful to imagine every customer knocking on your door begging to buy your product, not every customer is ready to buy your solution nor interested in your offer, or believes in the purpose and values of your brand.

Most businesses misunderstand having a group of might be interested people asking about the product and a paying customer.

When you put effort into marketing your business, you will get a lot of requests in returns, which can be a good thing or a bad thing.

It could be good if your marketing message reaches many people; the bad thing is it might get to the wrong people.

It’s normal; however, you should always craft your marketing message and offers with a clear and specific statement that targets a particular group of people with particular needs.

Avoid throwing a big cast net and hoping to collect as many leads as possible; it’s exhausting and time-consuming.

It’s tough to sell a vegan burger to someone who loves eating burgers; instead, look for someone already on a vegan diet and suggest the vegan burger as an add-up to their diet.

Sharpen your message and offer for your sales process, and design a simple process to filter leads and group them into buyers, requestors, and not interested as fast as possible.

5. The Right Approach

Different people communicate with unique tones, words, and ways of expression, and they like to buy products and services differently.

You communicate with a sensitive customer interested in art and music shopping for t-shirts differently than talking to a savvy investor hunting for the best investment property.

Your approach and language should be right on the spot; otherwise, it doesn’t feel right, an instant turnoff.

Before you sell your product, take the time to understand your customers’ language, beliefs, values, mindset, and how they like to buy stuff.

Study other successful brands and learn how they craft their advertising and marketing messages to communicate and sell their products to a specific group of customers.

The Secret to Making More Sales

The secret to making more sales is putting all the right things in the right place and then making them work together to create the feeling of comfort and trust for a customer to buy your product.

The customer must enjoy the experience of buying your solution and believe it solves their challenges while matching their mindset and values.

Once a customer is happy doing business with your brand, they will come back and buy more; and perhaps refer friends and spread word-of-mouth for your business.

Remember that making more sales is a matter of simple common sense; the more you invest in your sales team and the comfort of your customers, the more sales you will make. Please clap and share if you like this article.

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