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Right now, I’m going to throw you in the middle of the Colosseum fighting arena along with the lions and tigers fighting for your life.

You have been sitting in your comfort zone with your pajamas and coffee latte, pretending to be productive for a long time, like an audience cheering for gladiators to win but never tasting the smell of winning themselves.

Today I will challenge you to write a short script that takes no longer than 30 seconds to read, pitch your idea, product, poem, art, story, or service, then send it to local agents, clients, boutique shops, or small local publications.

Here are a few tips to follow in case you are clueless about how to go through the challenge:

Step1. Research your target people

Don’t randomly pick people and send them random messages; I need you to search and find ten publications, agencies, or boutique shops using Google or LinkedIn.

Go through their portfolio and see what type of work, products, genre, and style they produce and sell to their customers.

Step2. Create eye-grabbing portfolio

Organize five pieces of your top-notch work that match their style, or create new pieces that fit their type of work. If you sell a service, organize a short, simple case study that matches their industry, focusing on the ultimate results. Don’t pitch your business!

Step3. Craft a proposal

Use the following template.

Title: I love your work {specific project} / from a fan of your (business/art collection/publication)

Hello, {first Name}

I have been following your amazing line of work for the last few months, and I must say I’m inspired by the exceptional (work/message/effort/collection), especially in your (mention a specific piece and describe why you like it in a couple of professional words)

My name is {Your Full Name}, and I’m a (your profession)

Following your experience/content/store collection/art collection) I found that my style of (work/art/poem/collection) will match the same (voice/style/solution) your audience follows, enjoys, and finds valuable.

I trust my work can add enormous value to your (customers/company/ business).

I have organized a small collection of professional work that only takes 10 seconds of your valuable time to check; here is the link: {insert your link and keep it on a platform that is professional and trustworthy}

If by any chance, we can collaborate and bring value to your audience/boost the performance of your business, I would be more than grateful for the opportunity.

If not, that’s okay; it’s a pleasure getting in touch with you, and thanks for the great work. All the best!

{Your Name}

It doesn’t matter if you follow my template or create your version. I’m sure your English and style are better than mine.

What matters is to focus on:

  1. Give a compliment first, show interest in their creation, and be specific.

  2. Focus on the benefit of your work to their business/audience.

  3. Don’t discuss your work details; let your portfolio speak for itself.

  4. Make it impossible for them to ignore your request by making it easy and convenient.

  5. Be highly kind that they feel bad not to get back to you.

  6. Don’t make it sound like a pitch; make it sound like an admirer.

  7. Pitch confidently; don’t sound desperate, but also be polite.

  8. Keep it short, no fluff.

Step4. Hit send

Two days later, if you hear no response, follow up with a single message.

Title: I’m sorry to ask for this favor again

Hi, {first Name}

I trust everything is excellent!

I wonder if, by any chance, you had the time to check the new collection/offer I sent you two days ago?

If not, please take a quick look here: {insert your link}

I genuinely trust it my work can bring value to your audience. I understand if my work isn’t a suitable match; no hard feelings.

If I see no feedback from you in the next few days, I would assume my work isn’t the right fit and move on.

It has been my honor getting in touch with you. All the best!

{Your Name}

If you hear no response, move on; don’t bother people.

Some salespeople might tell you to follow up over seven times; that won’t be necessary for now; we are not selling credit cards or insurance policies.

You have fifteen days from the day you take the challenge to finish it.

My goal in this challenge is not to get published or clients immediately; if that happens, it’s lovely.

Feel a bit of stress, and that’s good, but not a lot of stress that you give up on yourself. I aim to break your mental barrier and fear of presenting your talent to the market.

Transitioning from one mental state to another takes time; brains are made of organic matter. Try to follow what I told you and allow the process to eliminate your fears.

You can create a new post and discuss your experience’s challenges and outcomes.

I will appreciate it if you mention me. I will try my best to look at your pitch and go through your challenges to get you more opportunities.

I also need you to spread this challenge to everyone who needs a kick in the butt to get out of their comfort zone and eliminate their fear.

Let’s help each other; none of us should struggle with getting opportunities; the end!

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