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What I like the most about zombies, despite their ugly teeth and rotting flesh, is that they can teach us a lot about being hyper-productive.

Unlike productivity gurus and their complicated and ineffective tips, tactics, and habits, zombies can teach you how to grow and scale your effort in a short period effectively.

You just have to follow the method of the dead, and you will strive as a living human being.

1. Adopt a Single Goal

Zombies have a single goal, which is to feed and consume; they can scale their numbers and expand because they focus on one mission, which is to hunt as many living organisms as possible as fast as possible.

Most living humans are nowhere close to zombies with goal prioritizing; we add more goals to our list, thinking the more goals we have, the more productive we are, which is nonsense.

Powerful nations like Singapore, Japan, Germany, and China came out of devastating wars or famine with a single goal: to focus for the next thirty years on developing a robust economy that lifts their people out of poverty, nothing else.

Adopting a single goal that matters the most to moving you forward and directing your energy toward it will make you highly efficient with your decisions.

It will also naturally make you more productive than others in that area because you only focus on achieving a single goal.

2. Turn Your Goal Into a Routine

Zombies hunt all time; it’s a pattern they must follow every day for the rest of their existence to achieve their primary aim.

They don’t wake up one day and are not in the mood to hunt or complain about how boring to track down a living creature; they just hunt!

This instilled routine allows zombies to overtime get comfortable and become familiar with hunting living organisms repeatedly.

The more comfortable and familiar they get, the more productive they become; it’s a law of nature that you can’t deny.

Routines allow you to try doing different things to achieve a single goal; it also allows you to go through the ups and downs of your personality and discover what activities make you more productive than others.

If you studied nations like Japan or China ten years ago, people there adapted to a highly dull routine compared to the rest of the world; they wake up at a specific time, eat three meals at a particular time of the day, and sleep at a particular time.

If you think that is boring, compare them to more exciting countries around the globe in terms of productivity and advancement, and you will be amazed how far boring can get you.

Turn your single goal into a daily repetitive habit that people think you are mentally sick for doing the same thing every day.

3. Develop a Simple Process Around Your Habit

For zombies to hunt as many living organisms as possible, they follow a straightforward process.

Find a living human and bite them; that’s all!

The process is pretty simple; even a zombie can follow it; it’s minimal, repeatable, and measurable.

However, its effectiveness is excellent because once a zombie bites, they kill.

And because the king of all zombies invented this simple process, they can replicate it and conquer the world of the living.

Turn your routine into a two to three easy-to-do steps process that allows you to achieve effective and consistent results repeatedly.

4. Be Efficient With Your Process

Zombies don’t eat wood or rocks; they don’t eat each other or attack a dead person. I’m guessing they don’t have a lot of energy or time to waste; therefore, they have to be efficient with their process.

Give a single powerful bite to the neck of a living human being!

Being efficient with your process means you become more careful with consuming your resources.

Time and energy are your scarcest resources for productivity; to be excellent at managing them, adopt the butcher’s mindset.

Separate the fat from the lean meat.

Don’t have mercy on tasks or people that waste your effort, mess up with your process, or distract you from achieving your primary goal.

Eliminate activities that don’t drive results toward your target, set a deadline to achieve measurable outcomes, and force your brain to accomplish more things that move you forward in less time and effort.

Here you have it, follow the zombie’s guide to becoming more productive, and you are guaranteed to improve the outcome and productivity of your daily life.

One last thing, don’t get overproductive and bite someone around you! ;P

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