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The next four and a half minutes will be your luckiest moments for the day, if not the year.

Today, my friend, I will teach you the most powerful mindset to make the most money for the rest of your life.

Three years ago, I visited a Syrian sesame trader in southern Turkey. He started a small trading business seven years ago with big ambition, and now people call him the king of sesame.

When I gave him a visit, I was highly fascinated by his total focus on a single product; he seemed determined to dominate the sesame industry.

I was curious and asked if he could enlighten me on how he became one of the most potent sesame traders in Turkey, if not in the entire middle east.

He looked at me and smiled; he knew I was a trader’s son; he was a very close friend of my father and corn syrup supplier for our candy factory before the Syrian civil war.

Traders rarely give secrets for fear of competition; however, we were in different businesses. He considered me a son, so he agreed to share highlights of his strategy with me.

He said, Nour, if you go to the market and check on other traders, you find three groups.

The first group is lazy lions. These people used to be aggressive and competitive forty years ago; however, their children inherited the business, and they manage it nicely, but they are not aggressive as they used to be.

They make friends with other traders, and as long as they make good money at the end of the year, life feels good.

They lost touch with the reality of the market; they became too confident in their business, which made them ignorant and numb to any sudden changes.

The second type is the average traders. They trade in small quantities and make enough money to enjoy a decent living, but they lack big ambition.

And the third type is the ones that do not know what they are doing, and they are in the business of sesame because they think it makes them money; however, they rarely make any money and usually end up out of business.

I’m a hungry immigrant who lost most of my physical assets, as your family did during the war.

I wasn’t in the business of sesame, nor cared about sesame.

Still, I understand business, and sesame is an excellent opportunity to make a lot of money because it’s a product that almost every person in turkey depends on as a basic and affordable source of nutrition.

I believed I could make a big buck with the right competitive strategy.

So I used the element of surprise and dominated the market as fast as possible instead of becoming just another average trader.

The single most important mindset that I adopt is to be hyper-competitive.

I wanted to compete in finding the best sesame in the area, knock on the doors of every potential buyer, provide the best customer service, and offer the best prices.

I wanted to own the entire process and supply chain of sesame. I wanted to be the king of sesame, and the king of sesame he is.

I asked how you grew so fast in a short period?

He said, Nour, to grow fast and big, you don’t need a lot of time; you only need two things.

An extremely competitive and growth mindset makes you believe you deserve every penny in the marketplace.

A group of investors trusts your work ethics, ambition, and values to invest in your business.

This gentleman now makes deals in tens of millions of dollars.

The biggest problem I see online is too much kindness and sweetness dominating instead of competitiveness.

These topics are aspirational; they are pleasant, touching, and sound cute.

They make people feel good about themselves and are lovely topics to talk about over a friendly meeting while having brunch, but they are not practical in business.

Business is a slaughtering arena. The moment you show it kindness, it shows you death.

Business and sport are alike; you play to win; you want to be friendly, find a hobby, join a community, or work as a volunteer.

In business, you compete with every other business aggressively for the customer, reader, or listener’s attention, support, and money.

When you write a blog post, you compete with other writers for readers’ attention, and that attention will define the amount of money you have in your bank account.

I’m not saying that you have to be aggressive with other writers or be disrespectful; far from that, I’m asking you to keep your ethics, but work your butt off and promote your work more than anyone else.

Create content better than anyone else and work hard to make readers or customers pay you the most with their money and attention.

Athletes do it all the time; they don’t train for years to end up being friendly at the Olympics; they don’t train for the joy of the process; they compete for their life to win that medal because winning that award will define their future.

Of course, they have to keep ethics and support other athletes, but when they train in their mind’s eye, it’s all about how they win over others.

There are three types of businesses:

Extremely competitive and profitable, a losing business, and a zombie business that makes no profit.

Only the first type of people understand the reality of the market and strive while the rest would vanish.

If you don’t like to compete and stay in your comfort zone, that’s fine; if you find this article is too much and makes you feel uncomfortable, that’s fine, but I’m not sorry.

We can disagree all day long, but we will not waste our time arguing; let the amount of money in our bank accounts judge who is right and wrong.

Now, if you excuse me, I have to go; I got to be somewhere to compete before someone else takes my money. See you!

Please share this article with someone who needs it if you find it valuable.

I don’t ask you to buy my course, my book, schedule a strategy call, or join my webinar.

Kindly help me spread the message.

I would also love to hear about your experience in business and how you compete in the marketplace. I value your insights!

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