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Don’t you find it overwhelming to listen to all the confusing and irrelevant success and wealth advice from gurus all over the internet?

What do I care if Elon Musk works sixteen hours a day or if Jeff Bezos automates all his daily tasks like a crazy robot? How is that relevant to my everyday experience?

What I hate the most about those gurus is that they never reached that level of wealth and success.

They speculate about other people’s lives and make information up to earn a living while leaving their audience broke and frustrated.

If you are one of these gurus, stop it, it’s frustrating, confusing, irrelevant, and sounds untrustworthy; I’m sorry to break it for you; you are unqualified to give such advice.

And if you are followers of these gurus, stop it as well; you are wasting your time, focus, and energy.

Let’s be practical here; there are three kinds of people, people who write about other successful people and make money writing and seldom reach success themselves.

People who read about other successful people seldom take action, and finally, people who make history and force the different two types to write and read about them.

Be the third type! Stop reading about others; make your own life!

I shared my habits previously, but the point wasn’t to make you copy my habits to achieve financial freedom.

My goal was to teach you that to get results; you must instill in your life two things: being effective and self-disciplined, creating high output and consistent outcomes.

It’s not the habits; it’s the results. If you wake up at 6 AM or work late at night, it doesn’t matter. If you can get consistent, high outcome results, you are a results person!

Let’s bring it back to money; If I’m broke and have three small empty stomachs to feed, I have to figure out the fastest way to earn enough and put food on the table.

It’s a matter of survival; therefore, I am highly focused and precise with my choices and how I take the next step.

I don’t have to read about the habits of rich people and call myself the ultimate learner and a work-in-process project; those kids need to eat.

The habits of wealthy people work perfectly for their lifestyle and business scale. God knows how many assistants or personal coaches and trainers they have.

They can afford a highly efficient lifestyle which I can’t afford, at least in the short term, so what do I do?

First, I have to figure out my best skill: making art, selling, writing, or whatever it’s; the talent doesn’t matter as long as it’s your strength; there is plenty of money for everyone.

Once I know my strength, I have to be highly effective with it; give a sharp sword or superb horse to an average warrior or ask a warrior to get these things on a trip instead of going to war, and it’s a waste of resources.

To make the most money with writing isn’t to blog or write on micro platforms; the fastest is to write to publications, work as a freelancer, or work for a marketing agency, writing product descriptions and sales copy.

That’s the most direct and practical approach to getting the most of my skill at my level; I don’t have to start an agency or blog every day hoping for an opportunity; I head to the most direct approach that gets me money, period!

But what If I don’t know how to write for publications?

To figure out the “how” part of the equation is pretty simple. The problem is that most people rely on books and gurus to get a solution, and they get lazy to think on their own to find an answer to the most superficial issues.

When I made my first significant trading transaction at 24, do you think I knew everything about trading and pitching my offer?

My father gave me a couple of highlights and put me when I had no choice but to present and ask strangers how I should deal with things.

The internet wasn’t as advanced as today; Nowadays, you can learn anything on the internet if you narrow your focus and spend the effort on learning practical skills.

And to make it easy for you, you need to have a portfolio of commercial work which you can make for an imaginary client and the courage to submit your work and ask for the job.

But what If I don’t have the mood to write every day? Well, here is where self-discipline comes into place. When you control yourself, you become the master of your mind, not its slave.

You don’t learn self-discipline by reading about it; you learn it by putting it into practice in simple tasks that translate into other things.

If you work out for half an hour a day, you will teach yourself how to overcome procrastination and develop mental and physical strength and endurance.

Cutting on junk food and sugar teaches you the responsibility of taking care of yourself and self-control.

Taking a cold shower teaches you to take risks and try new things, and taking different courses in different categories teaches creativity.

You become unstoppable once you develop self-discipline and a sharp focus on getting practical results.

When you keep your approach direct, you don’t overwhelm yourself with following other people’s lifestyles and focus on the living level that suits you.

Learn self-discipline, how to be effective, and ignore everything else.

Please share this article with someone who needs it if you find it valuable.

I don’t ask you to buy my course, my book, schedule a strategy call, or join my webinar.

Kindly help me spread the message.

I would also love to hear about your experience dealing with the overwhelming information about money and success and your plans to instill self-discipline and effectiveness in your life.

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