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To be rich physically, you must prepare yourself mentally; I have seen many people who have freezing confidence about becoming rich or behave and talk in a way that would never get them rich for the rest of their lives.

Today, I will share with you seven mental habits to practice regularly that will improve your mindset about money and get you to focus on making more of it.

These habits are not a how-to list from a fake guru or a curated list from a book or articles.

These habits came from a personal experience and helped me get to financial freedom, so please take them all seriously or ignore them all.

The 7 Mental Habits to Becoming Rich

1. Don’t negotiate the price of a minor deal. Ignore small savings, lengthy negotiations, deep discounts, cheap deals websites, or small 3% returns here and 5% there.

This approach not only makes your mindset think in terms of scarcity but also locks your mind to hunt for the cheapest offers you can find, ignoring quality.

Next time I want you to go out shopping without thinking about money, look for things that you love, forget about the price for a while, and see what the market offers you in terms of quality.

Once you find what you love, touch it, and feel its quality. Isn’t it nice to own it?

Look at the price of the item. Is it too expensive? That’s fine, don’t overreact, don’t feel sorry for yourself, put it back gently, and smile.

Don’t tell yourself it’s too expensive or try to negotiate the price; keep it on your list and think about improving your financial situation to improve the quality of your life.

Wherever you go for small shopping, don’t negotiate the price or look for the cheapest deal; find the best thing you can afford, then buy it or leave it.

2. Change your preference for making money.

Most people think of incremental growth; how can I save $100 or earn an extra $50? Their money mindset doesn’t expand beyond a small bubble surrounding their vision and keeps them happy in their comfort zone.

Most gurus that claim to teach you how to be rich are teaching you how to be a low, middle class.

Saving little money doesn’t make you richer; it makes you poorer because your mind will think of contraction instead of massive expansion.

Instead, I need you to look at things beyond your purchasing power: supercars, yachts, mansions, private jets, and luxury fashion.

Force your brain to think on a much bigger scale; the people who have it are no better than you, but their reference point is on things more significant than what you are focusing on, and they will take more risks and give up on the little money to reach much bigger goals.

3. Improve your sense of numbers.

Most people are horrible at basic math. To become rich, you have to be extremely sharp with numbers and how to manage your accounts financially.

It doesn’t matter if you rely on calculators or your brain; what matters is that you know how to duplicate money and turn it into big numbers, how to avoid significant losses and how much you need to buy the things you need and the lifestyle you desire.

4. Don’t hate rich people.

Hating the rich is a curse; the more you hate them, the poorer you will get. Rich people aren’t evil; I’m rich, love to help many people, and so do my friends and their friends.

We don’t like to help losers, be it spoiled rich kids or broke people.

We look for people needing real help and support but who will improve their lives through work.

We don’t enjoy looking at a bunch of procrastinators that demand us to pay the bill just because we got the money and if we don’t, then call us assholes.

Listen, to be rich; you must appreciate wealth; you need to be happy if others get rich; look at it with an eye of abundance and self-confidence.

If other people have plenty of it, it doesn’t mean you can’t have plenty of it either; currency is just a medium of exchange issued by the central bank, and they will make a lot more of it if there is a demand.

5. Don’t blame others. If you blame the lack of money on the economy, your family, your pet, or your environment, you lose control of making money.

If you think that money relies on luck or superpower, you lose control of making it. Blaming is a quick way to comfort a lazy brain.

Some particular situations, such as countries in extreme poverty, corrupted systems, or going through a war, might be severe.

But to most of us, I believe the lack of money results from a lack of money knowledge and self-discipline to grab the best opportunity or the desire for a wealthy life.

Most people feel happy with their coffee lattes and English breakfast tea with a simple meal and a couple of cigarettes.

They sit around a table and talk all day about how politics keeps them broke while someone else hustles hard to make the most money of the day.

Next time, before you buy a spiritual course and manifest wealth or blame someone or some super power for being broke, remind yourself that money is out there in the market; it’s yours if you learn how to make it and have the courage to grab it.

6. Don’t share your financial struggles publicly. The more you talk publicly about your financial struggles, the more you enforce the idea of being broke; what do you expect people to give you if you share your struggles?

Is it the financial support? Well, most of your friends are broke and need someone to support them.

Is it empathy? But how does compassion put food on your table?

You got nothing talking about your financial struggles and lost everything about making more of it.

Everyone is now completely aware that you have no skills to make money, and therefore they don’t trust lending you any of it.

You also have zero confidence and self-respect for yourself about money.

Next time keep your financial struggles to yourself; no one will check your bank account; if you need help, get a job or find somewhere specialized in offering help for people in need.

7. Treat money casually.

Money isn’t a big deal; it’s just a piece of paper; money itself isn’t necessary; if you can grab a small meal and find a simple shelter, you can live just fine for the rest of your life.

Life is simple, and you need little money to enjoy it, so don’t build drama around cash.

Think of money as a road to luxury, talk casually about it, make jokes around it, and don’t feel impressed if someone tries to flex it in front of you; it’s no big deal; it’s just money, nothing interesting.

The more you overthink or feel stressed about it, the more it conquers your mind and makes you live in fear of losing it.

Instead of worrying about it or praising it too much, make it a casual and fun topic and create conversations about how to make more of it to spend it on things you desire.

What I need you to take from this article is that money is 100% a matter of psychology; if you shift your mindset about it, you can bring it into your life; money isn’t personal; there is plenty of it.

Money flows to the people with the right mindset and tools to make more of it; it loves those who enjoy it and understand the rule of earning it. That’s it!

Please share this article with someone who needs it if you find it valuable.

I don’t ask you to buy my course, my book, schedule a strategy call, or join my webinar. Kindly help me spread the message.

I would also love to hear about your money mindset and the way you look at and treat money. I value your insights!

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