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Selling is scary; it almost feels like standing naked on a stage in front of an audience, trying to convince them to believe in you and buy your product or invest in your dream.

Today, I’ll dress you up with five “never, ever” hacks that will cover your sales fears head-to-toe 360 degrees and turbo-boost your confidence in presenting and pitching your idea or product to anyone.

The 5 “Never, Ever” Hacks to Boost Your Sales Confidence

1. Know your product inside out Your first never, ever hack is that you sell nothing you don’t understand completely; if you don’t spend the time to know what you are selling, you will lack the courage to present it with confidence. Take the time to learn:

  • What was the purpose of making the product, and what problem does it solve?

  • What are the fundamental processes of making the product?

  • What are the components of the product?

  • What are the benefits of using your solution?

Even if you want to sell B.S., master your bluff and stories. We call this industry knowledge, and the salespeople who lack it get their butt kicked by those who understand what they are selling. You never stand in front of a customer or an investor and try to come up with nonsense words and B.S. stories or tell false facts, then hope for your buyers to take off their wallets and buy your product. You already lost the sale if the other person understood more about your solution than yourself. With product knowledge, you eliminate self-doubt and give what is so-known as “imposter syndrome” a kiss goodbye.

2. Know your audience’s wants or needs Your second never, ever hack is you don’t sell a product to someone that you don’t understand what they want or are interested in buying. Remember all the retail stores you visit when the salesperson suggests all the sexy products they have while they never took the time to ask you what you are looking for in the first place? Market and audience research are essential; if it’s a client for that you want to pitch a solution and get a contract, take the time to visit their LinkedIn or other professional profiles.

If it’s a business, spend the time researching their websites and marketing materials; if it’s a retail client, browse Amazon and other retail stores, read through customer reviews, and see what most customers are looking into buying. If you don’t know, ask, but never assume! Once you suggest something to a customer and reject it, you subconsciously will think that you suck at selling while they aren’t interested in what you are pitching.

3. Dress and prepare well The third, never, ever hack, is you don’t go to a presentation without mental and physical preparation; before I pitch a product, I need to practice my words and find which approach I should use to convince someone of the benefit and outcome of the solution. You seldom write your first draft and hit publish; you edit it for god knows how many times. What makes you sure that the first words that come out of your mouth are convincing for someone to buy your product? I will also make sure that I look decent and boost myself mentally through music or exercise. I mean, think of a person who is poorly dressed and disorganized and is trying to convince you to buy a product. Would you buy from them? I ensure I had a perfect night’s sleep, a nutritious meal two hours in advance, and feel positive; I would never go to a presentation if I feel unfocused, poorly dressed, or weak. When you feel good about yourself, your stance, body language, and confidence shoot to the roof, and your tone becomes strong, confident, and convincing.

4. Forget your mind, or others’ minds Your fourth never, ever hack is you shouldn’t think about your actions or how people feel about you. Take your mind and focus from yourself and others to presenting your idea. Your brain isn’t an AI machine that tracks multiple goals simultaneously and does excellently on all of them. Focus on one task, which is presenting your solution casually and comfortably. The more you talk about the value of your product and how it benefits your customer, the more they engage with your presentation and find it valuable. Let other people think as they wish; it’s their problem, not yours; forget about how your hair looks, the movement of your hand, and your body language; you are not going on a date; you are selling a product. It would help if you regularly improve your body language, facial expression, and appearance, but not during the presentation and sales process. You stand firm, smile, and focus on the customer’s needs when you present.

5. Only sell what you trust The fifth, never, ever hack is you don’t sell a solution or product that you don’t trust or find unethical yourself; this act will position you weakly in front of the customer, and they see you as unconvincing. Let me be clear here; I’m not talking about human ethics; each person’s ethics differ, and I’m not here to judge. I’m talking about confidence; if you don’t believe in what you are selling, it will show up when you sell it; you will try hard but sound like a scam even if you are not. I’m not asking you to buy or try every product you sell; that would be great, but it isn’t practical; I’m asking you to at least trust that the product or solution works. Applying the five never, ever hacks will give you the foundations for confidently selling your solution. Selling is a mental game; the more you play it, the stronger you get at it; follow the basics you learned through this article and do them repeatedly if they get results. Over time, you will boost your confidence, and selling will become second nature. That’s it for me; it’s time for you to go out and start selling!

Please share this article with someone who needs it if you find it valuable. I don’t ask you to buy my course, my book, schedule a strategy call, or join my webinar. Kindly help me spread the message. I would also love to hear about your experience in sales and presenting your ideas or solution. I value your insights!

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