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Money isn’t a topic to teach at school because it’s scary to the rich and the powerful if most of the people can own plenty of it.

Your family doesn’t teach you about it; they lack it, and if money is scarce to them, they can’t tell you how to make more of it, so they shy away and escape from talking about it.

Today is your day; I will share with you three hidden secrets about money that will shift your mind instantly and dramatically about how you bring it into your life and make more of it.

Money is like any other object; it’s not complicated; it has its way of behaving, and it’s attracted to specific types of people more than others.

Think of money as a human with a personality with ego and attitude. The more you understand what that person loves and dislikes, the more you can go along with them and bring them into your life.

Money Loves Confidence

If money were the most confident and attractive woman or man you ever came across, everyone wishes to go on a date with that person, including you.

They got plenty of options to pick from and spend a lovely evening at the most beautiful restaurants and perhaps spend the night too.

Whom do you think they would pick? The hesitant ones? The ones that don’t praise them or pursue them? The ones that can’t raise their voice loud enough while asking for a date? Or the one who presents themselves with complete confidence and asks them out boldly, with no shame.

At least the last type might get a chance while the others hide away and stare. They can only smell but never dare to enjoy how it tastes.

Money loves confident people; you don’t sell your product or yourself with shame or a soft tone or sound hesitant, then expect customers to trust in you, take out their wallets and pay you money.

If they give you any money, it’s because they pity you and want to help you, not because they trust in your capability of delivering the best work.

Customers will always choose the confident presenter over the fussy ones even if the second has a better product; how do you expect your customer to know you are the best if you cannot say it’s the best?

Develop the courage to sell and promote yourself with boldness. Be fearless in asking for money when you deliver value. Don’t shy away or try to avoid it; ask for it proudly, and it shall be yours.

Money Loves Competition

Money loves speed. You hear that a lot, but do you even know what it means? When was the last time you acted immediately without hesitation for taking an opportunity that got you cash?

I bet if you counted the times you fell for your fears and procrastination and took advantage of those opportunities, you would be in a much better place by now.

The market is a battleground for competition and favors the bravest and fastest. Customers don’t have time for you to think over things for an extended period.

If you don’t act immediately to take the opportunity, someone else will, and the money that was supposed to be yours is now in their wallet.

With no self-confidence, procrastination, and fear, you not only have lost the chance to grab previous opportunities, but now you also lack the confidence to grab new ones.

You are not competitive, and anyone with little confidence can kick your butt and get you out of the game.

And guess what, money favors the winners over the lo*ers.

Money Loves Itself

Listen, money has prestige and a big ego; it’ goes to people who enjoy it and spend it, and it favors those who have it and desire to make more of it.

It looks for people who show it, share it, and crave it.

To make more money, you need to spend more and show that you have plenty of it; that’s the reality of society, rich people rarely do business with poor or broke ones, and poor ones don’t spend their money on people who share their same situation.

The more comfortable you talk about money and show your wealth delicately and not foolishly, the more credible and successful you look.

More people want to spend time and money with you for their benefit because they believe you got the confidence and skills to make more babies of it.

People don’t give others money unless they believe they can hand it to someone who can help them make more of it, and you should develop the confidence and image to take their money despite their unwillingness to spend it.

This strategy doesn’t mean you trick them or steal their money; You need to build the illusion and make them believe that giving you their money should be pleasurable because they will get a great value in return.

Think of all the luxury fashion brands, junk food franchises, and expensive law firms; why do people wait in line and spend their money willingly even though some brands sell customers a fast way to poverty or death?

When you use your money to present yourself with a confident and robust image, you give people no choice but to believe that you are decent at what you do and deserve their money over a person with a cheap appearance.

I want to leave you with a small conclusion and an important lesson.

Always act fast in a competitive marketplace, even if the opportunity might look small; even if you can’t do some of the work, take the chance first, then figure out how you will do it later.

You must hunt for your money and ask for it boldly.

Spend it, show the world that you have plenty of it. You are not desperate; you are not broke; you are not poor; you are not a slave for money. If you can do that, then all the money in the world shall be yours.

Please share this article with someone who needs it if you find it valuable.

I don’t ask you to buy my course, my book, schedule a strategy call, or join my webinar.

Kindly help me spread the message.

I would also love to hear about your money mindset and how you plan to strengthen it. I value your insights!

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